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SEO Services Los Angeles

Search Engine Optimization or, SEO, is a fundamental part of any online or Internet marketing campaign, and is typically the leading source of ROI for an online business. Potential customers all over the United States and particularly here in Southern California, are constantly searching for products and services on the Internet. Companies who have invested in SEO are able to more effectively get their websites in front of potential customers in Los Angeles County, and are now seeing significant increases in both local online traffic and sales. Along with the increases in ROI, SEO offers the best long-term value in digital marketing. Companies that are able to secure top rankings aren’t required to constantly pay in order to get traffic to their websites. Instead, companies will naturally generate traffic through their elevated web presence.

While SEO can be a major value add to online businesses, it is also a difficult game that requires experts on the cutting edge of new technology and search engine algorithms to successfully navigate. At PureSEO we provide you with the experience and dedication necessary to accomplish an effective SEO campaign. Our Los Angeles SEO service providers have years of experience working with a variety of online businesses. From local small businesses serving the beach cities of Santa Monica and Long Beach to Fortune 500 companies in the heart of downtown Los Angeles our team understands what is takes to get results and how to navigate the extremely competitive Greater Los Angeles SEO market.

Our team at PureSEO is dedicated to helping your business succeed online. We started our company with the fundamental belief that in order for us to succeed, we must understand the needs of your business and your customers. We continue to put those same values into the work that we do for all of our clients today, providing SEO services Los Angeles businesses can truly benefit from. We understand that all of our customers have different goals and expectations when it comes to their SEO campaign. Some clients might want to generate more traffic than the Rose Bowl tournament in Pasadena, while others are satisfied filling their yoga class in Beverly Hills. While SEO is a long-term investment and can take time to see major results we want to accomplish your goals in a timely manner and at an affordable price that fits within your budget.

Our SEO Services in Los Angeles Include:


Website Optimization

We take the following key steps in order to optimize your website and make it relevant to Search Engines.

  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • Title and Meta Tag Optimization
  • H1, H2 Headings and ALT Image Tag Optimization
  • Create and Improve Your XML Sitemap
  • Analyze Website Architecture
  • Audit and Fix Robots.txt Files
  • Set-up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools


Optimized Content

Optimized Content from PureSEO is more than just simply inserting keywords into your content. We understand that your business is about serving your customers, not Google, Yahoo or Bing. So while we have dedicated keyword research targeting the best possible keywords and relevancy builders for your niche, we also make sure that we are producing content your customers actually want to read.

We are excited to assist you in showing your customers the best of what your business has to offer, and so our LA SEO service takes a holistic approach to content. First, we make sure that we are targeting the keywords that will bring you relevant traffic and increased sales. Next, we make sure to add relevance to your content by weaving in area specific information, like mentioning the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles Zoo, or LA Live, if they are close and relevant to the location that you want to target. We make it a priority to listen to you, and ensure that we understand the customers you want to reach and how you want to reach them. Finally, we use our expert SEO knowledge to employ white hat tactics that make your website relevant to search engines and help put you on Page 1 of the search engine results.


Link Building

Link Building is an ongoing process to help build your website’s authority on major search engines. Our link building process is customized to meet the goals of your unique campaign. Our online marketing experts plan, create, and revise your SEO strategy on a monthly basis. Link building is very specific to your company; if you are a small business selling products in Culver City your link building strategy will be more localized than a nationally targeted SEO campaign for Loyola Marymount’s Law School. While your link building strategy will change based on what is best for your campaign here are some of the tactics we use to build authority:

  • Traditional Link Building: We leverage partnerships with approved and relevant journalists, bloggers, and influencers to attract high quality links to your website.
  • Blogging: We build fresh and unique content through blog posts that are relevant to your market and attract links.
  • Online Public Relations: News travels quickly over the Internet and we use online press releases to add SEO value to your website by sending traffic and potential links.
  • Content Marketing: We create “link bait” projects including informative text, videos, images, infographics, and other content to attract links to your website.
  • Niche Directories: We ensure your website is listed in niche specific and local online directories.

Account Management

Account Management & Reporting

While our company is focused on providing you with the best SEO services LA has to offer. We are truly all about our people. Giving you the best ROI is more than just getting you to the front page of Google, it is about Account Management that truly cares.

Upon signing up at PureSEO you will receive a dedicated Account Manager who is an SEO Specialist. He or she will communicate with you during the initial steps of the campaign including Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup, Keyword Research Selections, as well as Content Creation and Implementation. After these initial steps are completed your Account Manager will provide you with monthly reports tracking the rankings, traffic, and conversions your site is receiving. SEO is a long term process and can take up to 6 months to see results, however our Account Managers will keep you informed about short term wins, milestones, and successes every step of the way.

At PureSEO we believe analytics and performance metrics are critical to the success of your SEO campaign, and our team wants prove value by showing you the numbers behind our work!

Our Process

At PureSEO we use cutting edge white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques to boost your online presence for relevant keywords that bring real results. We want to help get your website to page 1 of Google’s search results for competitive keywords that attract new customers in your local or national target market. Whether you are selling electronics nationwide or books to local students at USC, Cal State L.A., or UCLA we can get you in front of your customers. Our Los Angeles SEO services can be broken down into two major areas Onsite Optimization and Off-Site Link Building:

Onsite Optimization

Onsite Optimization is the process of making changes on your website in order to make it more relevant for keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Before starting our onsite process we need to make sure we are correctly tracking your progress through access to, or setting up, both your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Once the tracking is setup the onsite process begins with keyword research and competitive analysis where our team gauges competition and finds relevant keywords that have search traffic and real conversion potential. Once keywords are chosen the process continues by optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, image ALT tags and headings (H1, H2) on targeted pages as well as optimizing onsite content to be keyword rich and relevant to your niche. With organic rankings being so closely tied to user experience we focus on making our content both relevant and user friendly. Once the site has been optimized we also conduct a technical analysis to ensure site architecture, xml sitemaps, and robots.txt files are all SEO compatible. Once all the onsite changes are in place we move on to building your authority through Off-Site Link Building.

Off-Site Link Building

Off-Site Link Building is the process of creating links to your website from other high quality and niche specific external websites. The process of link building makes you more authoritative in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Websites that are both relevant and authoritative are more likely to rank for specific keywords. For example, if a sports specific website in the City of Los Angeles was optimized for LA based sports keywords, and then was able to get links from the websites of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, and maybe even the STAPLES Center or Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium, this would bring a lot of authority to the website. By building that authority Google would likely increase their rankings seeing that the website is both relevant and authoritative in the LA sports niche. We can measure the increase in authority by using Google PageRank, or more useful metrics like Page Authority or Domain Authority provided by tools like Moz.

Link building is one of the more difficult areas of SEO as the algorithm is ever changing and black hat techniques can result in penalties by Google. That is why our LA SEO services focus on building authority using high quality methods. These methods include traditional link building by creating connections with high quality authoritative web properties that spread link juice to your website. We also focus efforts on content marketing by creating keyword rich and relevant content that users will link to naturally. In addition to creating content on page, we also like to create fresh and unique content through blogging. By creating interesting and unique blog posts and promoting them through social media marketing we can create links organically and help generate more authority to your website. These authority building activities combined with strong onsite relevancy building set your website up for success and generate more relevant traffic and sales for your business.

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